Make your bed

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brush 梳子
comb 梳子
How do you go to school? 你如何上學﹖
On foot. = I walk to school. 走路上學
By bicycle. = I bike to school. 騎腳踏車上學
By school bus. = I take the school bus. 坐校車上學
By bus. = I take the bus. 坐公車上學
By car. = My father driver me to school. 我爸爸載我上學
By taxi. = I take the taxi. 坐計程車上學
nurse 護士
hospital 醫院
go see the doctor 看醫生
Open up. 張開嘴巴
shot 打針
get a shot 打一針
I'm sick. 我生病了
Daddy! You forgot to shave! 爸爸!你忘了刮鬍子.
Here's your shaver. 你的刮鬍刀.
Don't cut yourself. 不要刮到自己.
I like a clean shave. 我喜歡鬍子刮得很乾淨.
Don't pick your nose. 不要挖鼻孔

nose 鼻子
bleeding 流鼻血
on Mars 在火星

sucker 笨蛋
soccer 足球
straw 吸管
What do you want to be when you grow up? 你長大後想做什麼﹖
I want to be a ________. 我想要成為一位 ________。
doctor 醫生
nurse 護士
lawyer 律師
astronaut 太空人
teacher 老師
President 總統
vase 花瓶
a bouquet of flowers 一把花
bud vase 花瓶(只能插一朵花)
I'm too full. 我吃的太飽了.
I can't finish this. 我吃不下了.
Let's take the leftovers home. 我們把吃剩的帶回家.
Could we have a doggy bag, please?
Go! Go! Go! 加油

pedestrian crossing斑馬線
What is your favorite subject? 你最喜歡的科目是什麼﹖
PE = physical education 體育
social science 社會
natural science 自然
history 歷史
geography 地理
math 數學
faucet 水龍頭
soap 肥皂
powder room 洗手間
The faucet is leaking. 水龍頭在漏水
a bar of soap 一塊肥皂
liquid soap 液狀的肥皂
What do you want for your birthday? 你生日想要什麼?
A kitten? 一隻小貓?
A bowl of goldfish? 一缸的金魚?
Or a turtle? 或是一隻烏龜?
Don't bite your fingernail.不要咬指甲