Landlord wants me stop using a VPN

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Hi guys, doing on this on a throwaway for reasons that will be clear in a minute. So I live in a house with 2 mates from uni, we' re all in full employment now. When we first rented the house the landlord seemed like a nice guy. Bit weird sometimes but otherwise no issues and he had good reviews. Anyway few weeks pass with no problems until he shows up at the house today and asks if I use a VPN.I say yes, we all do. And he immediately says "Oohh I don't like VPNs."and politely explains we have to stop using them immediately so he can ensure this isn't a "den of perversion"or else we' ll be evicted.I asked him how he even knows we use VPNs and he admitted that he does keep track of his tenants internet searches and then politely asked that we don't use google incognito before leaving.
Like I knew this guy was a bit weird(He's a special constable and is a bit of a power freak according to his wife) but I don't really know how I feel about him spying on us. It's such a shame because the house is perfect.
Does he have any right to evict us for using VPNs?I don' tthink they' re banned but I know UK based ones have to log everything their customers do and give it to the policewhich kind of defeats the purpose.I should also mention nowhere in the contract does it mention VPNS exactly but it mentions that we have to maintain "respectable conduct in the house and when using its appliances"which I guess could mean the internet. Cheers guys.
Edit: Btw I live in south-west England if that changes anything. Edit 2: Also is him spying on us a breach of anything? He said to me "it's a bit cheeky but not ilegal"