head over heels的中文意思

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head over heels神魂颠倒

I am head over heels for him. 我被他迷得神魂颠倒。

We fell head over heels for each other.我们坠入爱河了

head over heels in love with (someone)对某人神昏颠倒

Fall head over heels (in love)坠入爱河=Fall in love

I couldn't allow myself to let go enough to fall head over heels


And I know what it's like, baby, to fall in love(亲爱的,我知道坠入爱河是什么感觉)

Because I've fallen in love with you(因为我已经爱上了你)

It's true, yeah it's true(是真的,这是真的)

And I'm head over heels for you(我为你神魂颠倒)

And I'm here to say that it's true(让我来告诉你这是真的)

I had every line rehearsed I'd say to you today(今天要对你说的每句话我都进行了排练)

Then you looked into my eyes and they just slipped away(可是当你看我的时候,我就不知如何开口)

Cause I'm head over heels for you(因为我为你神魂颠倒)

And all of the things you do(你做的一切事情)

The heavens and earth have moved(让我觉得天地都在动摇)

And I'm falling head over heels for you(我无可救药地爱上了你)

You set my heart racing when you get next to me(你在我身旁的时候,我心跳加速)

Still I don't think you care(但是我觉得你并不在乎)

Should I wait for your love...(我该等你的爱吗?)

Or I'm waiting in vain...(又或者我只是在空等?)

Somebody help me cause I'm falling(来人救救我吧,因为我)

Head over heels in love again(又一次深深地坠入了爱河)