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French leave字面意思法式离开,引申为不辞而别

excuse/pardon my French它的字面意思是“请原谅我的法语”,而实际意思却是“请原谅我的脏话”。

一般说来,excuse/pardon my French主要有两个作用:第一,警告对方我要说脏话了,你最好有心理准备;第二,委婉向对方道歉——我知道接下来的话可能让你不舒服,但是我必须得说,对不住了。

Excuse my French, but next time he complains about not being invited to the party, he can kiss my ass.(请原谅我的粗鲁用语,但下次他再抱怨没人邀请他参加派对的话,他去死算了。)



French leave is "Leave of absence without permission or without announcing one's departure", including leaving a party without bidding farewell to the host. The phrase was born at a time when the English and French cultures were heavily interlinked. (wikipedia)

在《牛津字典》中的解释,to take French leave is to go away, or do anything, without permission or notice。所以我们把French leave 翻译成不告而别。法国人为了报复英国人,在法语中,同样有个短语filer à l'anglaise(take English leave)表达相同的概念,摊手,简直是两个小朋友麽,互相说对方是小狗。French leave 特别用于表达“擅离职守”的概念(the act of leisurely absence from a military unit),这同样与17-18世纪的英法战争史有关。


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