drop-dead gorgeous的中文意思

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Oh, just drop dead!#哦,滚开!

Clement: Since you are off today, why don't you do some cleaning around the house?#既然你今天放假,何不在家里打扫一下卫生呢?

Trudy: We had a deal! I cook, and you do the cleaning. Now you want me to do your job? Drop dead! #我们可是说好的!我烧饭,你打扫卫生。你现在要我帮你完成你的工作?去你的

但drop-dead gorgeous却用来形容容貌及其美丽如花、英俊潇洒、美若天仙,例如

Some of her neighbors describe Eva as drop-dead gorgeous. #Eva的邻居形容她是个万人迷。

Stephanie: You have got to see that house! It's drop-dead gorgeous! It will be a perfect choice for us when we get married.#你一定要去看看那房子!实在太美了!我们结婚的时候,它肯定是最佳选择。


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