call a spade a spade中文意思

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call a spade a spade表示"实话实说,直言不讳"的意思,例如

The boss will tell you his honest opinion of your new business proposal. He calls a spade a spade!#老板会告诉你他对这份新商业提案的真实想法。他向来都是直言不讳!

Why don’t we call a spade a spade? You have money and I need to borrow some!#为什么我们不有话直说呢?你有钱,我正好需要借钱。

tell it like it is同样表示“实话实说,不拐弯抹角”,例如

Courtney: So, what do you think of this soup?#你觉得这汤如何啊?

Julian: I'm going to tell it like it is. It tastes awful.#我就实话实说了。味道很糟糕。

Courtney: Damn! I spent three hours making it. Is it really that bad?#可恶!我花了三个小时呢。真的这么差?

Julian: Don't take this the wrong way, honey. I love you very much, but you clearly don't belong in the kitchen.#不要误会我的意思,亲爱的。我非常爱你,但你在厨房里显然不会有什么作为。


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