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The car allowance industry is alive with the Driver and Agent Licensing Bureau (DVLA) to abutting database gaps that allow written-offs cars to canyon history checks with a apple-pie bill of health.

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In March this year, we apparent that the crash-damaged history of a cardinal of cars awash at deliver bargain as Cat S and Cat N write-offs was not actuality detected by ancestry checks run by HPI and Experian.

Now the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) says it is alive with the DVLA, which holds a added absolute database of write-offs, to accouterment this issue. The MIB admits it didn’t apperceive the accurate calibration of the botheration – which affects tens of bags of cartage a year – until Auto Express accent the problem.

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The affair relates to a database alleged the Motor Allowance Anti Fraud and Theft Annals (MIAFTR), which is run by the MIB. It’s acclimated by HPI and Experian to actuate if a car has been accounting off.

During the 2016/17 and 2017/18 banking years, however, 168,000 beneath written-off cartage were put on MIAFTR compared with the DVLA’s database of repairable write-offs. It is absurd these vehicles, if put aback on the road, would be detected as such by ancestry checks.

“We knew there were gaps. But no, we didn’t accept the accurate calibration of it”, Ben Fletcher, the MIB’s arch chump officer, told Auto Express. “Since the commodity ran, and as allotment of our accepted work, we accept affianced with the DVLA and we are actively talking to them about what the admeasurement of the gap is amid the two [databases], and is there an befalling to abutting that gap by administration information?” He said discussions with the DVLA are in “early stages” but accept been advancing “for the aftermost brace of months”.

Fletcher explained that MIAFTR “was set up a continued time ago by insurers… to allotment advice about the history of the cars they were insuring. At some allotment in its history… the brand of HPI and Experian said ‘Can we accept admission to this data? Because this abstracts is one allotment of a basal that will advice for our agent ancestry checks’: It’s actuality acclimated to advice accommodate a product, but MIAFTR was never brash to be a absolute annals of every agent which has been damaged above repair.”

The MIB accepted HPI and Experian are the alone two ancestry companies with admission to MIAFTR, with added history-checkers application abstracts provided by these two firms.

Fletcher added: “The bodies accouterment the agent ancestry checks accept the issues. They accommodate guarantees in the affairs area there is a problem.”

There are a cardinal of affidavit for cartage not to be on MIAFTR. Cars with third-party awning that aren’t declared ‘total losses’ can be missing, as can cars accounting off application cardboard records. The MIB additionally says agile operators with ample excesses may buy a new car rather than affirmation a absolute loss; these cars can additionally be missing. If such a agent is afterwards repaired, ancestry checks may not ascertain its accurate history.

DVLA: It accepted discussions with the MIB over these issues. We asked why the organisation can’t artlessly accessible its write-off database to third-party companies like HPI and Experian, accustomed that clandestine parking firms can admission added DVLA datasets. The organisation artlessly said there are “no plans” to do this.

HPI: It “works endlessly to advance the advantage and accurateness of its abstracts and is accustomed out added added checks year on year, and as such is anecdotic a growing cardinal of cartage hitting the annals as write-offs”. The close accent that buyers are adequate by a agreement of up to £30,000 if it food inaccurate or abridged information; however, this agreement is capped at £15,000 if it’s apparent that a agent has been written-off.

Experian: Its position on the accountable hasn’t afflicted aback March, aback the close said it “will abide to assignment with our abstracts and allowance industry partners” to “establish the circumstances” abaft the cartage accent in our article.

Cars that accept been accounted allowance write-offs afterward austere accidents are casual agent history checks with a apple-pie bill of bloom and actuality awash to biting motorists, Auto Express can alone reveal.

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Vehicle history checks are relied on by endless buyers every year to acknowledge whether a car is accountable to outstanding finance, has breadth irregularities, has been stolen, has ahead been scrapped or has been accounted an allowance write-off.

But the damaged cars you see in these photographs were awash at a deliver auction, accepting been classified as ‘Cat S’ – acceptation they were accounting off afterwards comestible serious, structural blow damage, and were alone accustomed aback on the alley afterwards accepting been appropriately repaired.

Despite this, all of these models anesthetized the agent history checks offered by both HPI and Experian AutoCheck, and were actuality marketed to consumers as never accepting been accounting off.

We begin 10 cars that had been awash at a deliver bargain as declared Cat S write-offs, authoritative a agenda of the VIN plates displayed in the deliver listings. We paid for HPI and Experian AutoCheck history checks, cross-referencing VINs and allotment plates with the reports. Some of the cars generated alerts for outstanding accounts or breadth discrepancies, but not one analysis from either HPI or Experian flagged any of these cars as an allowance write-off.

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Auto Express was alerted to this affair by a clairvoyant who baldheaded inconsistencies with history-checking companies afterwards affairs a acclimated car he apparent had ahead been awash via a deliver auction. As able-bodied as a accepted history check, the clairvoyant acclimated a aggregation alleged, which crosschecks a car’s write-off cachet adjoin deliver bargain records.

After we abstruse of this problem, we contacted vcheck and were provided with a cardinal of cars that had aloft agnate concerns.

Auctioned as a write-off This Renault Captur was auctioned as a Cat S write-off in February 2018 with cogent front-end damage. Its odometer apprehend 12,957 and it was listed with a appropriate retail amount of £12,370.

On auction 13 months laterBy March 2019 this Captur had been repaired and was advertised with 17,000 afar for £9,750. HPI and Experian checks did not acknowledge its write-off history.

Auctioned as a write-offThis Toyota Yaris was auctioned as a Cat S write-off in August 2018 with cogent front-end damage and a appropriate retail amount of £9,330.

On auction nine months laterBy March 2019 this Yaris had been repaired and was advertised for auction to consumers for £8,995. HPI and Experian checks did not acknowledge its write-off history.

Auctioned as a write-offThis Ford B-MAX was auctioned as a Cat S write-off in July 2018 with cogent front-end blow and a appropriate retail amount of £7,400.

On auction eight months laterBy March 2019 this B-MAX had been repaired and was advertised for auction to consumers for £6,490. HPI and Experian checks we performed did not acknowledge its write-off history.

Auctioned as a write-offThis Skoda Superb was auctioned as a Cat S write-off in June 2018 with cogent front-end damage.

On auction nine months laterBy March 2019 this Superb had been repaired and was advertised for auction to consumers for £7,250. HPI and Experian checks did not acknowledge its write-off history.

Auctioned as a write-offThis Honda Jazz was auctioned as a Cat S write-off in May 2018 with cogent front-end damage.

On auction 10 months laterBy March 2019 this Jazz had been repaired and was advertised for auction to consumers for £10,950 and Experian checks did not acknowledge its write-off history.

Auctioned as a write-offThis M4 was auctioned as a Cat S write-off in April 2018 with cogent blow to its undercarriage.

On auction a year laterBy March 2019 this M4 had been repaired and was advertised for auction to consumers for £35,472. HPI and Experian checks did not acknowledge its write-off history.

Experian AutoCheck and HPI – the two better players in the business – told us that they alone await on the Motor Allowance Anti Fraud & Theft Register, or MIAFTR, to actuate if a car has been accounting off.

MIAFTR is a civic database run by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), and 97 per cent of allowance companies subscribe to it. Aback an insurer writes off a vehicle, those subscribing to MIAFTR abode it on the Annals as a write-off. Some history-check businesses outsource to these two companies. The AA relies on HPI data, for example, while the RAC uses Experian.

It is a acknowledged claim for insurers to acquaint the Driver and Agent Licensing Bureau (DVLA) aback a car is accounting off, but it is not a claim for them to use MIAFTR to do so – MIAFTR acts as an cyberbanking funnel, automatically allegorical the DVLA of write-offs, bold these are uploaded to MIAFTR.

The MIB told us that “97 per cent of the motor allowance bazaar currently subscribe to the MIAFTR database to amount the capacity of their written-off vehicles”. There are 203 UK motor allowance companies authorised by the Bank of England, acceptation six do not use MIAFTR; cars accounting off by these six insurers are absurd to be detected by history checks.

The MIB appropriate that a car may not be detected as a write-off “if the agent is not assiduously insured”. Because third-party allowance does not pay out for blow abiding to the insured agent itself, such cars will not accept been declared a absolute blow by the insurer, so may not be on MIAFTR.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau told us some allowance firms “load manually or in batches” aback agreement cars on MIAFTR, creating abeyant delays. Some of the cars we analysed were auctioned as write-offs added than a year ago and were still not detected by the history checks we ran, though.

Furthermore, abstracts acquired via a Freedom of Advice appeal shows the DVLA was abreast of 7,676 Cat D and Cat C cars in the 2018 agenda year – alike admitting Cat D and Cat C write-off classifications were replaced by Cat S and Cat N in October 2017.

This bureau that cartage placed on the DVLA’s database as Cat C and Cat D in 2018 charge accept been adjourned as write-offs the antecedent year beneath the old classifications, with a adjournment of at atomic three months.

Legally, insurers charge acquaint the DVLA aback a car is accounting off, but the MIB says “there is no allowable timeframe for bartering write-off abstracts to the DVLA”, creating abeyant delays alike in the official database. The cease of the Agent character Analysis (VIC) arrangement in October 2015 could additionally accept a allotment to play.

The VIC arrangement saw a ‘marker’ placed adjoin Cat C cars (now Cat S) on the DVLA database. These cars had to canyon a VIC test, area an ambassador would appraise them afore the DVLA would abolish the brand and affair a new V5C logbook. The VIC analysis didn’t appraise the affection of repairs, but if inspectors noticed a “serious birthmark which would accomplish the car dangerous”, they would affair a prohibition notice, and the car could not be driven. Cat S write-offs now alone charge to canyon an MoT analysis afore actuality put on the road.

Further DVLA abstracts acquired via a Freedom of Advice appeal reveals that 4,870 cartage were accounting off via cardboard notifications over the accomplished bristles agenda years. These cars bypassed MIAFTR aback actuality placed on the DVLA’s database, so would be absurd to appearance up in checks.

MIAFTR is non-mandatory, accountable to delays and may not authority annal for written-off cars that alone had third-party insurance. So for history-checking firms to await alone on its abstracts to actuate a car’s write-off cachet is problematic.

Auto Express acquired abstracts from the DVLA bold how abounding write-off ‘transactions’ the bureau candy during banking years 2016/17, and 2017/18. The MIB provided us with the cardinal of write-offs it captivated annal for over the aforementioned periods. Abstracts from both organisations is for vehicles, so includes trucks, vans and motorbikes, as able-bodied as cars.

There is a cogent aberration amid the two organisations’ databases, with about 100,000 beneath written-off cartage a year actualization on MIAFTR compared with DVLA records. Alike afterwards removing from the blueprint Cat A and B cartage – which charge be scrapped and can never be apprenticed afresh – these numbers accord a bright abstraction of the discrepancies amid MIAFTR and the DVLA’s database.

We beatific HPI and Experian capacity of three sample cars that were ahead accounting off but anesthetized their history checks. HPI customer administrator Fernando Garcia told us: “Where third- affair abstracts is begin to be inaccurate or absolutely incorrect, HPI will assignment with these ally to ensure that customer assurance charcoal the capital antecedence and is not compromised in any way.”

Stressing that HPI “constantly monitors the affection of the abstracts it generates and receives”, Garcia said: “If the customer conducts an HPI Analysis and it did not appearance the Agent Condition Active Annals information, they would be covered by our agreement if they attach to our agreement and conditions.”

An Experian agent said the aggregation understands “the account for affair with the three cartage highlighted”. Experian explained that it uses MIAFTR “to analysis whether a agent has been apparent as ‘written off’ by an insurer”, but that “as none of the three cartage were recorded as a absolute loss, they did not appearance as ‘written off’ on the vehicles’ ancestry reports. We will abide to assignment with our abstracts and allowance industry ally to authorize the affairs abaft these three vehicles”.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau, the organisation that runs MIAFTR, added that “Cat S write-offs will accept a V5C certificate from DVLA… [that] should active keepers to the cachet of the vehicle”. The MIB additionally fatigued that “CAT S and N cartage can be repaired and accurately apprenticed again”.

The DVLA artlessly said: “Insurance companies are appropriate to acquaint DVLA of all accident-damaged vehicles.”

It is absurd to acquaint from photos how able-bodied these cars were repaired afterwards their accidents, but buyers of Cat S and Cat N cartage are about brash to agency an absolute automated analysis afore authoritative a acquirement – a advance of activity far beneath acceptable with a car believed not to be a write-off.

Cars that accept been accounting off are account decidedly beneath than their non-write-off counterparts. Anyone who bought a car at accepted bazaar amount and afterwards finds out it was declared Cat S or Cat N stands to accomplish a abundant blow aback they advertise it on, bold its accurate history is afterwards detected in history checks, or the buyer finds out it was accounting off. It is an answerability to advisedly advertise a written-off car after declaring its write-off status.

The majority of written-off cars are loaded assimilate MIAFTR and best up by history-checking companies, but our analysis will assuredly accession apropos amid buzz car buyers. Consumers gluttonous added reassurances could accede advantageous for a automated inspection, which should actuate whether a car was repaired afterward a austere accident.

Buyers are additionally offered some aegis by a history-check guarantee. Both HPI and Experian AutoCheck will pay up to £30,000 to ensure buyers do not ache banking losses as a aftereffect of their checks – although agreement and altitude administer to these guarantees.

A third advantage is to accomplish use of, area you can get a basal analysis adjoin deliver annal for free.

What do you anticipate of the allowance write-off scandal? Let us apperceive in the comments section…