Mea culpa.我認錯~

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大概在二年前,我常在我加入的yahoo group勤寫英文posts,裡面有兩到三個英語人士會糾正我們大家的英文。一位來自美國的德州人對我的其中之一的post給了一些要改正的地方,我發現有一個地方有錯後,回覆並告訴他,後來他再Re我的時候,劈頭就寫道:

Mea culpa. That's Latin for I'm guilty or I'm to blame.


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The good thief

Berlin — A remorseful thief sent $600 (23,400 baht) worth of stolen goods to the police and asked they be returned to their rightful owners, German authorities said on Thursday.

Police in the southern town of Darmstadt said the thief sent them a letter signed " mea culpa ", listing the return address as Ehrlichstrasse (Honest street) in apologising for the theft of $608 worth of CDs, cosmetics and other goods. A police spokesman said the contrite perpetrator had supplied the addresses of the shops plundered and enclosed personal letters of apology to the respective managers. — Reuters

>Remorseful/contrite: feeling very sorry for something bad that you have done
>mea culpa: a formal admission that you have done something wrong
>perpetrator: a person who does something wrong or evil
>plunder: to steal