Make your bed

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toes 腳趾
paws 動物的手腳
Are you nearsighted? 你有沒有近視?
No, I am not nearsighted. 沒有,我沒近視
No, I have perfect vision. 沒有,我的視力很好
farsighted 遠視
Yes, I am nearsighted. 是的,我有近視
By how many degrees? 幾度?
living room = family room客廳
Kill two birds with one stone. 一石二鳥
collect 收集
hill 小山丘
mountain climbing 爬山
Happy Teacher's Day!教師節快樂!
These flowers are for you.這些花要送給您的.
This is my favorite class.這是我最喜歡的課.
We love you and thank you.我們愛您和謝謝您.
Monopoly 大富翁
Make your bed.把床整理好

How are you going to spend this Full Moon Festival?你中秋節要怎麼過?
Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節
moon cake 月餅
look at the moon 賞月
barbecue 烤肉
family reunion dinner 團圓飯
TV program電視節目
remote-control 遙控器
couch potato 沙發馬鈴薯(形容愛看電視的人)
Don't hog the TV. 不要霸佔電視
What would you like for breakfast? 早餐你想吃什麼?
Cereal! 玉米脆片!
Pour the milk! 倒牛奶!
Give me a spoon. 給我湯匙.
Go apologize.去道歉

How many siblings do you have?你有幾個兄弟姊妹?
pepperoni 美式香腸
green pepper青椒
The scale is broken. 磅秤壞了.
Really? 真的嗎?
I gained 10 kgs! 我胖了10公斤!
You need a diet. 你該減肥了.
Don't read in bed.不要在床上看書

sugar 糖
honey 蜂蜜
Which foreign singer do you like? 你喜歡哪個外國歌星﹖
Ricky Martin 瑞奇馬汀
Latino singer 拉汀歌手
fire alarm警報器
exit 出口
ambulance 救護車
firefighter 消防員
alarm clock 鬧鐘
The fire alarm went off. 警報器響了
call the ambulance 打電話叫救護車
entrance 入口
toilet seat cover 馬桶蓋
You forgot to put down the toilet seat. 你忘了把馬桶座放下來了.
Shame on you! 羞羞臉!
Oops! I won't do it again. 哦!我以後不會再犯了.
That's better. 很好.
Drink a lot of water.多喝水.

change the channel 轉台
What do you do with your family? 你跟你的家人一起做什麼﹖
We watch TV. 我們一起看電視
go shopping 購物
go camping 露營
go to movies 看電影
midnight snacks 宵夜
producer 製作人
guest 來賓
audience 觀眾
produce a film 製作一段影片
Be my guest. 請
applaud 拍手
Phew! What 's that odor? 那是什麼味道啊?
You forgot to flush the toilet! 你忘了沖馬桶了!

Spray some air freshener! 噴一點芳香劑吧!
Much better. 好多了!

Make a sentence with that word.用那個字造句
Your English has improved(a lot).你英文進步了