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lose one's cool火冒三丈、发疯抓狂,和keep one's cool保存冷静、沉着相对

Man, he totally lost his cool! #天哪,他可真是火大了!

go off the deep end失控、发疯、火冒三丈

To be honest with you, your wife scares me. One minute she's all happy and chirpy, and the next minute, she goes off the deep end. I never know what might set her off.#老实说,你妻子有点恐怖。前一分钟还兴高采烈、谈笑风生来着,后一分钟就突然抓狂了。我根本不知道什么会导致她发作。

lose count不记得数目

I've lost count of how many times she's been late for work this month.#我已记不清她这个月迟到多少次了。

lose the plot行为怪异;举止愚蠢

I can't believe Stuart did that - he must be losing the plot.#我无法相信这是斯图尔特干的——他肯定是犯傻了。

lose ground失去支持

Do you agree that left-wing politics are losing ground among the working classes?#你是否同意左翼政治观点正在失去工人阶级的支持?

lose heart灰心

Don't lose heart, there'll be plenty more chances for promotion.#别灰心,还会有很多晋升的机会。

lose out处于劣势;吃亏

The new tax means that the vast majority of working people will lose out.#征收新税意味着大多数正在工作的人将会受损失。

lose sight of sth忘记;忽略

I'm worried that we're losing sight of our original objectives.#我担心我们会淡忘我们的初衷。

lose sleep over/about sth担心,忧虑

I wouldn't lose any sleep over what happened.#事已至此,我才不担心呢。