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只要你的一句话… Just say something

I'm just saying无意冒犯,说句实话而已

just because因为所以不但而且

I told you to get that blue shirt. Why did you get the green one instead?#我叫你买那件蓝色的衬衫。你为什么买了绿色的?)

Just because! #不为什么!

Wendy: Why is it that you are very good at chemistry but very bad at physics?#为什么你化学很出色,物理却很糟糕呢?

Felix: Just because! #没什么理由可讲的!

just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me表示"我知道自己多疑,但危险并非不存在(表示你意识到自己通常过度担心受人伤害,但相信这一次别人真的有加害之心)"

just because...doesn't mean...仅仅因为……并不意味着……

Just because we can't see certain things doesn't mean they don't exist.#有些事物我们虽然看不到,但这并不表示它们不存在。

just so you know告诉你/只是想让你知道

just a minute/moment/second

just/exactly so非常整齐的,井井有条的

He's a perfectionist - everything has to be just so.#他是个完美主义者——一切都必须是一丝不乱的。

just gay enough像同性恋的,奶油小生的


just like that出乎意料地

Their son went off and got married last week, just like that.#他们的儿子不辞而别并在上周结了婚,就那么不可思议。

just my luck!真倒霉!

They sold the last ticket five minutes before I got there - just my luck!

just now

just the man/woman for the job最佳人选

We need someone who has experience in marketing and teaching, and I think Alex is just the woman for the job.