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· in the morning · on Monday . at 9 am
· in the afternoon · on Saturday · at 8 o' clock
· in(the) summer · on June 3rd · at6pm TIME· in 1980on 1st october 2013. atnight
· in the 1900s· on Christmas day· at noon/midday
· in the 17th century · on my birthday · at Easter
· in the Easter holiday · on Tuesday evening · at Christmas
· in the next century · on time· at dinner time· in the future· on a winter evening· at dinner
· in the 10 years time · on a warm day · at that moment

· in England · on a bus· at 675 State Street
. in Chinatown· on a plane· at the bus stop
· in a building · on a horse· at the door PLACE· in a car on the phoneat thetop of page
. in a taxi. on the Internet· at someone's house· in a boat· on the television · at the entrance
· in a helicopter · on the floor· at the crossroads
· in a traffic jam· on the page· at the front
· in Time Square· on the menu· at the back
· in the article · on Oxford street · at the bottom