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据推友@rj_gallagher爆料,Google 宣布终止的 Dragonfly(蜻蜓)项目,表面上项目团队解散,停止了开发,而实际 Dragonfly 项目的两个关键移动应用 Maotai (茅台)和 Longfei(龙飞)还在不停地更新代码,所谓的解散团队也并没有完全解散,大多数开发人员离职或分流后还保留了一些核心开发人员的预算。

"Google 雇员的调查发现中国版审查引擎项目事实上还在继续。Goolge 雇员跟踪了源码库里 Dragonfly 相关的代码变化,发现去年 12 月有大约 500 次变更,今年 1 月到 2 月有超过 400 次变更。他们发现仍然有 100 名工程师在 Dragonfly 相关项目上工作。"

Late last year, Google bosses moved engineers away from working on the controversial project, known as Dragonfly, & said that there were no current plans to launch it.

However, a group of employees at the company was unsatisfied with the lack of information from leadership on the issue -- & took matters into their own hands. They began to investigate.

The group identified continuing work on a secretive batch of code on Google's internal systems that is associated with the China search engine, according to three Google sources.

The search engine was designed to satisfy China's authoritarian govt's rules on censorship -- blacklisting info on human rights, democracy, peaceful protest, & religion. Search records & other private data would be shared w/ a partner company in mainland China.

Following widespread protests over the project last year, Google sources w/ knowledge of Dragonfly said that they were told in December that they were being moved to other projects.

They showed me a confidential message that Google exec Caesar Sengupta sent them that month, telling them that "currently we have no plans to launch" Dragonfly & that they would be allocated new projects funded by different “cost centers."


They were not told to immediately cease their efforts. Rather, they were instructed to finish up the jobs they were doing and then they would be allocated new work on other teams.

Hundreds of changes have continued to be made this year to code associated with the Dragonfly platform, which some employees fear indicates the project is still being secretly developed. Sources say about 100 employees are also still budgeted to work on the China plan.

The code changes found by employees investigating Dragonfly may have been made by engineers who have continued this year to wrap up aspects of the work they were doing to develop the platform. It's unclear.

“I still believe the project is dead, but we’re still waiting for a declaration from Google that censorship is unacceptable and that they will not collaborate with governments in the oppression of their people,” said one source familiar with Dragonfly.

There are feelings of confusion, uncertainty & mistrust within Google regarding the leadership's intentions on China, sources say, & there have been serious ramifications of that.

The ongoing secrecy on the issue from executives has contributed to the company losing skilled engineers & developers. I know of six staff at the company, including two in senior positions, who have quit since Dec, & three others who are planning to follow them out the door.

Colin , who worked as a software engineer at Google for nine years, quit the company in early February. He told me he'd been concerned about Dragonfly & other “ethically dubious” decisions.

“I just don’t know where the leadership is coming from anymore,” he said. “They have really closed down communication & become significantly less transparent.” Google did not respond to a request for comment.

Anna Bacciarelli (), a technology researcher at , called on Google “to publicly confirm that it has dropped Dragonfly for good, not just ‘for now.’”

If Google is still developing the censored search engine, Bacciarelli told me, “it’s not only failing on its human rights responsibilities but ignoring the hundreds of Google employees, more than 70 human rights organizations, & hundreds of thousands of campaign supporters.”