go figure it out你自己去慢慢想吧

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Go figure.

解釋一The alt.usage.english FAQ

This expands to "Go and figure it out", and means: "The reasons for the fact just stated are unknown and possibly unknowable. You can waste your time thinking about what they might be, if you choose, but you're not likely to accomplish anything." (Kivi Shapiro)

解釋二Urban Dictionary

a remark made to something said that is typical or falls under Murphy's Law.

"The ONE day I call in sick at work, and the fucking boss, who happens to leave work early... sees me at the strip joint...go figure!!!"


a phrase used by itself as an interjection to mean "How can one explain that?", or to express puzzlement over some seeming contradiction.


網路上有人將這個詞中譯為:你自己去琢磨吧。不過,這個譯句無法適用於各個go figure出現的場合。如:why have you changed your name? Hiding from all your girl friends???? Go figure !!

這裡有不少人給go figure下定義,大致就以下兩部分:

(1)有人說不能光從字面上解釋為go and find out,而是如同「解釋三」的意思,只是個感嘆詞,「Can you believe that?」「Well, what do you know!」感到疑惑、想不透時用。


「Go figure」informal用法較偏向"How can one explain that?" "how did that happen?" "Wonder Why?"

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