all over的几种意思

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“一切都结束了”只是all over的表面意思,例如

After being in a vegetative state for three years, grandpa passed away this morning. It's all over now.#处于植物人状态长达三年之久后,爷爷在今天早上离开了人世。一切都结束了。

all over again表示“从头开始,再来一次”,例如。

Just as I was about to finish the letter, I accidentally dropped it on the wet floor. Now I have to start all over(again).#就在我快写完信的时候,我不小心把它掉在了潮湿的地板上。现在我只好重新写一遍了。

all over+something表示那里“到处都有”前面提到的东西,例如:

Jesus. You got blood all over your shirt. What happened?#天哪,你的衣服上到处都是血。发生了什么事?

all over somebody表示“跟某人亲密接触、卿卿我我”,例如:

Derek was all over Cynthia last night. It was so typical of him. If you didn't know better, you'd probably think they were a couple! #Derek昨天晚上猛吃Cynthia的豆腐。这真是他一贯的风格。如果你不清楚内情的话,可能会以为他们是一对呢!

all over somebody还有一个常用的意思是“拍马屁,献殷勤”,例如:

She was all over him at the office party. What a sycophant! #办公室聚会的时候,她对他大献殷勤。好个马屁精!

all over the place表示"到处",例如:

Haven't you heard? Google bought YouTube! The story is all over the place. There's just no escaping.#你还没听说吗?Google收购了YouTube!到处都是这则报道,到哪里都逃不开。

all over the place的另一种意思在字典里查不到,但在日常对话中的使用频率很高:不一致,没有条理,杂乱无章例如:

I asked all the participants, and their answers were all over the place.#我询问了所有的参与者。得到的答案形形色色,什么都有。

Absolutely horrible! Your pitch was all over the place.*You just can't sing.#实在太糟糕!跑调跑到外太空去了。你根本不会唱歌。

pitch was all over the place表示“音调杂乱无章”,即“跑调”。